Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Issue of PMLA

This just in from Larissa Rudova:

 The new issue of PLMA (Vol. 126, No. 1) has a section devoted to the study of children's literature.  Larissa writes,  "The section “Theories and Methodologies” (pp. 152-216) in the fresh PMLA issue (January 2011) is dedicated to children’s literature and includes such articles as, for example, “Queer Theory’s Child and Children’s Literature Studies” (Kenneth Kidd); “Comparative Children’s Literature” (Emer O’Sullivan); “Goodbye, Ghetto: Further Comparative Approaches to Children’s literature” (Kiera Vaclavik); “On Not Defining Children’s Literature” (Marah Gubar)."

The table of contents is not yet up at the PMLA site, but once it is, I will link it up for you.

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