Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Book Announcement: Russische Kinderliteratur in der Sowjetunion der Jahre 1920-1930

Here's another title for a bibliography on Russian and Soviet's children's literature: Russische Kinderliteratur in der Sowjetunion der Jahre 1920-1930, by Gertraud Marinelli-Konig.

Larissa Rudova reviewed this book in Slavic Review 68:2 (Summer 2009): 446-447, and there are two online reviews of the book available--one in English and one in German.  In the first of these reviews, Aaron J. Cohen writes for Canadian Slavonic Papers, 
"This book is an expanded version of a dissertation completed in 1976. It describes and categorizes the genre of children's literature in the Soviet Union during the 1920s. The author treats the subject using a structuralist approach, and readers who are interested in the formal and institutional structure of this genre should find the book useful."

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