Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Call for Papers International Conference on Children’s Literature: The Child in the Book

Soochow University in Taipei is hosting an International Conference on Children's Literature this November.  Here are details about the conference from their website:
By focusing the theme for this conference on “the Child in the Book” we wish to interrogate the ways in which children and childhood are constructed in texts for young people from a variety of cultures and perspectives. What ideas lay behind the representation of children in literary texts? What assumptions are made about potential readers? If childhood is a shifting idea that is ideologically constructed, then how do these ideas shift between texts written by or for people in different national contexts? Do the historical ideas of childhood that have played such an extensive role in North American and European societies translate to other societies and cultures? While issues of childhood representations in all settings are welcome, of special concern is the representation of cultures and diversity in Asian contexts as well as with Asians in non-Asian settings.
Abstracts are due on March 1.  For more information, check out the conference website here

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