Sunday, December 4, 2011

Minutes from the WGRCLC Meeting at the ASEEES Annual Conference in Washington D.C.

The Working Group for the Study of Russian Children's Literature and Culture met on November 20, 2011 on the last day of this year's ASEEES conference.  Here are the minutes for those of you who were unable to attend:

1. I (Kelly Herold) accepted the position of the website editor-in-chief. If you have any suggestions or corrections for the site, send them my way at or

2. Ol'ga Bukhina volunteered to assist in managing the web site.  (Thank you, Ol'ga!)

 3. Ol'ga Bukhina will become a co-author on this blog.  She will write a post or two weekly on children's and Young Adult books in Russia.  Again, I remind you that multiple authors are welcome.  Blog authors may write in English or Russian or in a (comprehensible) mix of the two. Write or leave a comment if you'd like to participate!

4.  Sara Pankenier Weld will establish a Facebook group for WGRCLC.  Look out for an invite or an add to the Facebook group.  

5. Jacqueline Olich will make our presence known on Twitter. As soon as a feed is active, we'll let you all know!

6. Ol'ga Bukhina has agreed to serve as the Book and film review editor for the WGRCLC site for the rest of academic year 2011-2012.

7. Marina Balina will continue to manage the Bibliography on the WGRCLC website.

8. Larissa Rudova will keep us posted on research and news on the WGRCLC site.

Other Matters of Business:

1. Let's establish closer ties with ChLA. Perhaps we should propose a panel for the ChLA Annual Conference?

Important information: ChLA 2012 will meet in Boston at Simmons College, June 14-17. The theme of the conference is "Literary Slipstreams." Abstracts are due January 15 and should be submitted electronically to

Questions raised at the meeting included: Should we propose a panel? Should we contact the association and propose a possible affiliation?

2. Let's think about possible participation at the International Conference "The Fairy Tale Vanguard."

Important information: It will take place at Saint Peter's Abbey in Chent, Belgium, from August 20-August 22. 

An abstract of 300 words is due before March 1. It should be sent to

3. Members of the group suggested that the acronym WGRCLC is unwieldy.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a new name?  Ideas are welcome! 

4. We also began a fascinating discussion on the relationship between textbooks and children's literature.  Summaries of this discussion would be welcome.

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